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Simpsons ID

Role - Concept, Lead Design, Animation
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A set of Simpsons Ball IDs for The Simpsons’ 600 episode milestone. For the pitch a library of over righty character balls were created based on classic Simpsons personalities, each one is paired down to a minimal circular illustration featuring their iconic physical traits.

The Simpsons 600 IDs

Character IDs


Directed by Block & Tackle
Creative Directors: Adam Gault & Ted Kotsaftis
Executive Producer: Michael Neithardt
Producer: Michael Neithardt & Megan Anderson
Art Direction: Gung-Kai Koo
Design Lead: Gung-Kai Koo
Design: Timothy Haldeen, Alex Mariscal, William Huang
Animation: Adam Gault, Ted Kotsaftis, Gung-Kai Koo, Matt Choi,  I-Cheng Lee, James Bartley, Carlos Foxworthy, Chris Anderson
Montage Music : The Simpsons Theme Song Trap Remix by CG5


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