SneakerCenter Show Package

Role - Design, Animation
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SneakerCenter is a new 7 part miniseries on ESPN+, ESPN’s streaming service, that explores sneaker culture across sports and entertainment as told by the athletes, artists, enthusiasts, and brands who power the movement. ESPN’s production partner Hock Films and the legendary filmmaker and director Bobbito Garcia wanted an iconic show brand and energetic graphics package that resonated with the sneakerhead community. BLOCK & TACKLE crafted a visual identity and language with a custom logo, show open, and graphics toolkit to use for the series and across various marketing platforms.

Show Open


Directed by BLOCK & TACKLE
Creative Directors: Adam Gault, Ted Kotsaftis
Producer: Megan Anderson
Logo Design: Ben Hill
Lead Design & Animation: Ben Hill
Design: Yun Chen, Kate Costello, Rachael Park, Gung-Kai Koo, I-Cheng Lee,
Andrés Moncayo, Mike Russo, Wei-Shen Wang
Animation: Gung-Kai Koo, I-Cheng Lee, Mike Russo, Wei-Shen Wang


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