Role - Design, Animation Lead
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As the premier platform for all things scifi, horror, and fantasy, WIRE had outgrown its identity as an offshoot of SYFY Network. For this brand refresh, the team  reinterpreted the SYFY Master Brand into a distinctive visual identity for SYFY WIRE. The approach covered branding, design as well as animation.

Featuring the brand color 'Grellow', the graphics package blended SYFY Wire stickers, the text bands, and comic-inspired graphic elements all together, carrying the idea of a “fan-made” aesthetic and showed the energy and excitement not only from the brand, but also all thier fans.

Franchise - visual & animation


OOH / Social pplication

Event Signage - Comic-Con NYC 2019


Directed by Block & Tackle
Creative Directors: Adam Gault & Ted Kotsaftis
Producer: Dorian Carli-Jones
Design Lead: Yun Chen
Design: Mike Russo, Wei-Shen Wang, Alex Winakor, Jess Hutchison, Gung-Kai Koo
Animation Lead: Gung-Kai Koo
Animation: Jess Hutchison, David Jouppi, Hayato Yamane

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