It’s Always Sunny Season 13 ID

Role - Animation
Full credit below.
Season 13’s episodic package captures the offbeat Sunny humor with a punk rock edge. All the collage elements andgrungy textures thrash together making you feel like you just got spit out of the center of a hardcore moshpit...and can’t wait to dive back in for more. Along with the ID, the package includes custom pieces like endpages, countdowns, and interstitials in addition to a custom font and type animation.


Directed by Block & Tackle
Creative Directors: Adam Gault & Ted Kotsaftis
Executive Producer: Sari Rosen
Producer: Megan Anderson
Design Lead: Adam Lowe
Design: Alex Mariscal, Alex Winakor
Animation Lead: Cyrus Cumming
Animation: Gung-Kai Koo, I-Cheng Lee, Alex Winakor
Pitch: Adam Gault, Adam Lowe, Cyrus Cumming, Ted Kotsaftis, Wei-Shen Wang
Music: Wolfmother - Woman / Kendrick Lamar - HUMBLE

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