HighNoon (9AM Pacific) Package

The entire show package for ESPN’s new sports talk show HighNoon (9 AM Pacific) featuring Bomani Jones and Pablo Torre. The whole package includes Open, Title Cards, Bumps, Transitions and more. 

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Bug animation

Transition - Dots

Transition - Echo

Grid Exploration

Package elements - SunDial

Typographic Elements

Package Guideline


Directed by Block & Tackle
Creative Directors -  Adam Gault & Ted Kotsaftis
Executive Producer -  Sari Rosen
Producer -  Megan Anderson, Mark Forte, Norah Gurley
Design -  Adam Gault, Ann Kruetzkamp, Alex Mariscal, Benjamin Hill,  Gordon Waltho, Rachael Park, Tim Haldeen
Animation -  Ted Kotsaftis, Gung-kai Koo, Carlos Foxworthy,  I-Cheng Lee, Nol Honig

©Gung-Kai Koo 2020